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LCD Buyback Program
Every broken screen is profit for you!

TechRepair give you money for your damaged LCD screens! Competitive pricing for a variety of cracked screens.

Best Prices Guaranteed, Free Testing, Detailed Report & Free Shipping Label

If You Are Looking For Honest LCD
Screen Buyback At Competitive Prices!

Sell your broken original screens instead of discarding them. Every broken screen is profit for you !
TechRepair will give you a free shipping label every month to send in the broken screens for recycling.

Amazing Customer Service

Contact us 24/7/365 by phone, email or online. A knowledgeable customer service rep is always available to assist you. Satisfaction guaranteed!

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Best Prices Guaranteed

Techrepair offers the most competitive LCD Buyback in Canada, with price matching and the ability to have credits applied to your phone parts order.

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Free Testing & Detailed Report

You shouldn't have to worry about testing your broken screens. TechRepair provides free testing and a detailed report for all your broken screens.

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