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Samsung Canada - NCK Only

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Unlock Samsung devices from Canada. This service provides only the code NCK (Unlock)

Dial *#06# on your phone keypad to find your IMEI number
We'll send you the result by email

Estimated Time

2 - 5 Business Days

Retail Price

29.99 $ CAD
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100% Money Back

Samsung Canada - NCK Only

Unlock Samsung devices from Canada. This service provides only the code NCK (Unlock) 🔓

✔️ Unlock your phone in three steps fast and simple

✔️ Legal & Permanent this service will keeps the phone warranty

✔️ Recommended by the phone manufacturer.

✔️ Save money and move to another network carrier

✔️ Instant and completely anonymous.

✔️ We are a real registered business in Canada

✔️ We unlock cell phones at the lowest price on the internet

✔️ We unlock most cell phones in less than 24 hours

✔️ We have easy to follow instructions to unlock your cell phone

✔️ 100% Guaranteed that we unlock your cell phone or we give your money back

✔️ We unlock hundreds of cell phones every day

✔️ We offer live chat support to answer any of your questions

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✔️ You will not find cheaper to unlock your cell phone

✔️ We can unlock any cell phones from any carrier


This service will provide unlocking codes for all Samsung phones from Canada.




These Codes come straight from the manufacturer so there is no chance of it giving a wrong code. The only possible reasons for codes not being accepted are the following:


  • Phone has been rooted (Un root it and restore original firmware)

  • Software has been changed from original version

  • Phone has been refurbished and the imei has been possibly changed (no solution for this and it's a very rare problem)


Samsung code input procedure :

Latest Results

Samsung Canada - NCK Only
Galaxy S7 G930W8
Network : 13874350 Defreeze : 35487050
2 days ago
Galaxy S7 G930W8
Network : 75435113 Defreeze : 03546801
2 days ago
Galaxy S7 G930W8
Network : 13584941 Defreeze : 62960285
3 days ago
Galaxy S7 G930W8
Network : 72097269 Defreeze : 30491539   
4 days ago
Galaxy Grand Prime G530W
Network : 46358270 Defreeze : 07097184   
5 days ago